main photoI’m engaged to the best person I’ve ever met, and now I have to plan a goddamn wedding.

Don’t get me wrong! I do like weddings. I have attended many weddings of many people I’ve loved. I think marriage is awesome.

But planning a wedding? It’s pretty awful. You basically have to plan a giant party that pleases everyone else (which is not possible, and people cry). Smart, normally level-headed people who LOVE you start saying the stupidest shit. People lose their effing MINDS when it comes to weddings, and dear god why are there 12 emails in my inbox from my mother about centerpieces?

I’m grateful for my family, everyone who’s helping me plan this thing and, most of all, the guy who wants to marry me for some reason. But this is my place to vent, so expect strong language and some melodrama.

You are encouraged to vent as well in the comments. Or tell me I suck. Whichever.


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